• Divestiture ofTomans670 Billionof the State Shares, during 8 Months
    Since 20 March 2016 (the beginning of Iranian current year) till 20 November 2016 (during the first 8 months of Iranian current year),Rls 6,704 Billion of the state shares are divested by Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO).

  • Cancel Assignment Prices, Main Phase of Privatization
    Economic Affairs and FinanceMinisterannounced: "The main phase of privatization is cancelling the assignment prices and effective steps have been taken in this way."

  • 40 State Fuel StationsDivesting
    Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO) advisor said: "The second auction of fuel stationswill be held on monday 12 November 2016. The value of the auction is about Tomans 270 billion."

  • Tomans 142,000 Billion, Whole the Privatizations of Iranian Privatization Organization
    Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO) advisor said: "Based on available statistics, since the establishment of Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO) in 2001, whole the privatizations of IPO have been Tomans 142,000 Billion."

1enterprises & 1 property are going to divested

Offering Date: sep.18,2017

Transferring Method: Tender  

4enterprises & 1 property(full station) are going to divested

Offering Date: Jul.31,2017

Transferring Method: Tender  

66 Percent of Divestitures Delivered toRealPrivate Sector
Of all divestitures conducted during 11th government, 66 percent was divested to real private sector.

12:12 - 2017/09/19


Divestiture of Rials1174 billion Worth of State-Owned Stocks and Assets in the Current Iranian Calendar Year
From the beginning of current Persian calendar year, 21st March 2017 a total value of Rials1174 billion was divested by Iran Privatization Organization (IPO).

12:11 - 2017/09/19


Divesture of IRR 1174 billion state-owned stocks and assets in the current Iranian calendar year
From the beginning of Iranian calendar year a total value of 1174 billion Iranian Rials was divested by Iran Privatization Organization (IPO).

13:31 - 2017/09/06


Production-Based, Private Sector-Led Economy Underlined
L eader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei urged the government to reorient Iranian economic policies toward building a "production-based, private-run" economy, reiterating that officials should work relentlessly to wean the country off heavy dependence on oil revenues and root out economic corruption.

10:10 - 2017/09/04


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