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Tenfold growth of stock market value owed to implementation of privatization

CEO of Tehran Stock Exchange stated: “Implementation of Privatization laws since 2006 has led to tenfold increase in the stock market value from 30,000 billion Rials to 350,000 billion Rials.
Public Relations Liaison of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) reported, Hassan Ghalibaf Asl mentioned the 50th year of operation of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and stated that “In the past years capital market has gone through significant changes and has adopted great amount of new operations. “
Also pointing to privatization procedures in recent years, Ghalibaf added “Among all the operations undertaken in the Tehran Stock Exchange, one of great significance is privatization of state-owned companies which was launched in 2006. During this period total market value of the TSE has increased more than 10 times, from 30,000 billion to over 300,000 billion Rials. “

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